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Ordinary be damned

At James Squire, we don’t settle for average anything - conversation, evenings, and celebrations included.

Someone had to brew it. Luckily that someone was us.

We don’t believe greatness is a process, or something that you can purely use technology to achieve. So we set out to prove it. In Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Camperdown at The Malt Shovel Brewery, a small team of experts rely on old-fashioned tinkering and experimentation to craft some of the best beers in Australia.

Together they’ve crafted some instant classics, including Lashes Pale Ale, Stride, Shackles, and Zero. Not through some fancy computer algorithm. But by the hands and minds of some of Australia’s best brewers.

James Squire Lashes Lifestyle
A woman in an elegant dress holding a bottle of James Squire Lashes


Crafted from the beginning. Enjoyed all the time.

When we first set out, we wanted to create something that tasted good to us. We ended up creating some of Australia’s best loved beers. Lashes, Stride, Shackles all included.


Low carb, full flavour

For 25 years James Squire has brewed some of Australia’s highest quality, most awarded, and most loved beers. Now we’ve harnessed that pioneering spirit to bring the nation something truly innovative: A low carb pale ale that doesn’t compromise on flavour.  Not one bit. Introducing low carb Stride: One giant stride for beer-kind.

A group of friedns enjoying a meal while drinking James Squire Stride Low Carb Pale Ale
James Squire Ginger Beer range

Ginger beer

Ginger beer, made with real ginger. Surprising, we know.

There’s one way we know of to get an actual ginger flavour, and that involves using the real deal, no substitutes. So we did. A refreshing substitute for beer that pairs with any occasion.

No ordinary RTD

Whiskey Intro

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