From India Pale Ales (IPA) and Porter to American Pale Ales, and every shade of ale in between, we have some amazing craft beers on tap at The Squire’s Maiden. Come on down for a visit and a taster of our classics from the James Squire Range, or see what’s new in our limited releases.


Limited Releases


Don’t miss out on James Squire’s current limited releases, on tap for a limited time only.

Tall Tale Tropicana
Spring Ale

Never fear, Spring is here. Wake your taste buds up from their winter hibernation with this Tropical Spring Ale bursting with refreshing Guava & Passionfruit flavours. Light in body & mild in bitterness, guava and passionfruit pulp are infused with a refreshing pale ale base & complemented with tropical hops to create this unique thirst-crushing brew.



Cabin Fever is the perfect brew for those seeking a hoppy hit that’s still big on refreshment. The feature hops that breathe life to the new brew are Citra, Centennial, and the new and exciting Fortnight hop blend, which together create a luscious citrus-tropical aroma. The beer’s initial sweetness gives way to a vibrant tropical hit and a clean finish that will leave you craving more.



A refreshing, easy sipping summery beer at 4.5% ABV. Low-medium maltiness and low hop bitterness, allowing a light tart lemony tang from the wheat which is complemented by the tart finish of the hibiscus. The aroma is dominated by the banana and clove flavours from the yeast, with a subtle contribution from the hibiscus and the spicy hops.

Year Round Brews

A classic, will always be a classic. James Squire core range is always on tap.

One Fifty Lashes
Pale Ale

Australia’s first batch of beer earned its brewer 300 lashes, 150 now and 150 when he could bear it. Thankfully for us, James Squire was a far better brewer than he was a thief.

Experience thirst-quenching redemption in this clean-finishing pale ale. Malted wheat adds refreshing character, while the fruity infusion makes for an enticing aroma with hints of passionfruit, grapefruit and citrus.



Nine stolen chickens earned James Squire a cramped berth on the First Fleet. But he had other plans, swindling his way onto the ‘Women’s Ship’ and thoroughly enjoying the rest of his journey.

The Swindler is an easy drinking pale ale with a big tropical aroma, worth swindling time for. It is bursting with aroma, taste and the perfect summer side-kick to a seasonal menu.

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Mid River
Pale Ale

Mid River is a full flavoured easy drinking pale ale with Vienna and Munich malts creating a rich, malty character. German hops give crisp herbaceous flavours and US hops add bright citrus and fruit aromas. All of this with just 3.5% alcohol.



Never one to let a ball and chain hold him back, ex-convict James Squire seized every opportunity his emancipation offered. His unique blend of charm, skill and luck ultimately rewarded him with an enviable fortune as Australia’s first brewer.

Arguably the best looking of the James Squire craft beer range, the highly-drinkable The Chancer is noted for its distinctive orange-golden colour, unique tropical fruit aroma, restrained bitterness and dry finish.

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By hook or by crook, James Squire always found a way to source the finest hops available for his flavoursome ales. Sometimes this resulted in a good lashing and other times in a handsome reward, but always in a good story to tell.

Unlike any other craft beer, this happily hop-heavy brew reinvents itself every year. Using Crystal and Cascade hops, Hop Thief 8 has a pleasantly tropical tang, vibrant hint of citrus, and alluring scent of grapefruit and spice with floral aromas.

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Four 'Wives'

It’s a matter of historical fact that James Squire had an eye for the ladies, having taken a wife and three mistresses throughout his life. He left all of them something in his will, but thankfully we got the beer.

Strong, bold and with more hopping than most lagers, Four ‘Wives’ is an alluring drop with floral and herbaceous aroma, deep gold colour and spicy palate that gives way to a longer bitterness.

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Every man’s life tells a story, but James Squire’s would have filled a library. From chicken thief and convict, he later found success as the Governor’s bodyguard, a publican, baker, butcher, money-lender, local constable and, of course, Australia’s first brewer.

The original James Squire brew, Nine Tales is a full-bodied, malt-driven beer characterised by its rich copper colour, toffee-caramel sweetness and nutty finish balanced against citrus hop notes.

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Back when rum was the unofficial currency, it took a real gambler to bet his future on brewing. But James Squire was never one to shy away from a challenge, quickly building a fortune from his brewery and tavern.

Utterly unique, Jack of Spades Porter has a more delicate complexity than a regular stout with its rich black colour, coffee and chocolate aroma, and pillowy head.

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As Australia’s first brewer, James Squire grew many of the ingredients found in his first batches of brew himself. Having had an orchard on his land, it wouldn’t be surprising if he experimented with cider in his day.

Orchard Crush is a traditional cloudy cider with a fragrant, fresh aroma, a broad, clean palate and a crisp finish, making for a most refreshing choice.

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