If you prefer brews news over world news, by now you will have heard the commotion about a new James Squire Limited Edition beer. It’s named ‘The Wreck Preservation Ale’ and it’s a one of a kind beer that has been brewed in partnership between the Queen Victorian Museum & Art Gallery, the Australian Wine Research Institute and James Squire. It will be exclusively available on tap at James Squire Brewhouses only, following its official release at GABS in Melbourne this weekend.


Good question. Our good friends at James Squire have resurrected and tamed a 220-year-old yeast, found in the Sydney Cove shipwreck some 200 years ago. The shipwreck was discovered in 1977 by a group diving off the southern edge of Preservation Island. Sealed glass bottles were discovered and initial analysis revealed grapes, port wine and beer… AKA the oldest bottled alcohol on record. After 20 years of trial and error, The Wreck was brought to life; over two centuries after segments of it sunk to the bottom of the seafloor.

The Wreck Preservation Ale is inspired by the beers that were being transported on the Sydney Cove; porters, small ales and IPAs. The result is a smooth porter-style brew that’s dark, malty, spicy and stormy.

WHen and where can i find it?

The Squire’s Landing will be the first James Squire Brewhouse Australia-wide to have The Wreck on tap and it will be available from the day we open the doors. If you’d like to be the first to know when exactly that will be, sling us your details here. After that, you’ll be able to find The Wreck on tap at Brewhouses around the country.

you mean, i have to go to a james squire brewhouse to find it?

That’s co-wrecked. And it’s in extremely limited supply, so don’t delay!

Editor’s Note

The Wreck is no longer available at The Squire’s Landing.. But rumours have it that James Squire are brewing more! Stay tuned to our Facebook page to be the first to find out more details.