One of James Squire’s most popular beers has had a makeover! Following extensive market research, the brewing team behind your favourite line of craft beers have tweaked the Swindler Summer Ale and thus we present to you… The Swindler Tropical Pale.


Because the James Squire brewing team are constantly innovating. With the passion to brew beer and keep things new and exciting, comes the opportunity to make some of our best selling beers even better!  Although in 2016 the Swindler Summer Ale won a gold medal at the World Beer Awards, it was thought that the link between ‘summer ale’ and the summer season itself was too strong. Some of The Charming Squire’s most dedicated beer drinkers and craft brew lovers were confused as to whether the beer was available during the colder months… And ain’t nobody got time for that.

The Swindler Tropical Pale is a fantastic, refreshing beer perfect to drink all year round (and is most definitely available 12 months a year!) The decision to rename it a Tropical Pale was quite fitting for Queensland, don’t you think?

  • It’s changed from a summer ale to a Tropical Pale… In other words, a refreshing beer to drink ALL year round!
  • Addition of Galaxy Hops to maximise the fruity tropical passionfruit aromas
  • The new icon represents James Squire’s voyage on the First Fleet
what you really WANT to know

Big on refreshment this easy drinking dry hopped Pale Ale pairs a light body with big tropical hop notes of passionfruit & melon with a clean, fresh finish. It is dry hopped with Galaxy & El Dorado for maximum aroma and pouring light golden in colour.

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