The hot, sticky weather is (almost) behind us and with a nod to the cooler weather that’s about to (maybe) come, The Charming Squire has a new menu! Using an abundance of fresh produce throughout the entire menu, each dish is packed full of ingredients that thrive through the months of Autumn. Some old favourites (RIP Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Burger) have sadly gone but 1.2kg Tomahawk steaks and Barra & Crab Sliders have arrived to fill the void.

Several dishes have been reinvented, including the Crispy Skin Chicken Breast which is this time served with Jerusalem artichoke, asparagus duxelle, baby cabbage and cabernet jus. The Charming Squire’s renowned Soufflé has had a makeover, now intertwined with elements that will remind you of grandma’s homemade apple crumble; a significant change from its Jaffa inspired predecessor. The Apple Crumble Soufflé is created using apple, cinnamon crumble, brandy custard, macadamia and salted caramel ice cream. There’s a reason why it has made its way onto the menu once again but we’re afraid you’ll need to make a booking in the restaurant to enjoy this bad boy.

New and reinvented dishes are great, but it just didn’t make sense to remove some of The Charming Squire’s best-sellers. An entire wheel of Baked Camembert? Mushroom & Truffle Arancini? Slow Cooked Beef Croquettes? You’ll find them in our ‘to share or not to share’ section and we highly recommend that you DO. NOT. SHARE.

As always, there are also a number of dishes available for our guests with dietary requirements. The Handmade Potato Gnocchi is vegetarian and those who are gluten-intolerant need to try the melt in your mouth Seared Scallops with cauliflower², pickles, raisins & cider reduction. P.S. That’s cauliflower two ways in case you didn’t get it.

Curious as to what our Executive Head Chef recommends? Deniz’s favourite new dish is the Wild Boar & Kangaroo Sausages served with creamy mash potato, asparagus and cabernet jus. Both the kangaroo and boar are sourced from central Queensland, because we’re all about keeping it local here! Kangaroo is an extremely lean meat which means it isn’t a protein that many customers traditionally gravitate toward. However, combined with wild boar (which contains a higher fat percentage – thus it is more delicious), they go together like salt and pepper or Bonnie and Clyde or peas and carrots… You get the jus. I mean gist.

To peruse through what else is on offer, we suggest you hop across to our menus. After that, you’ll want to make a booking. See you at the Squire!