A recent study conducted by reservations platform, OpenTable, found that 81% of diners thought it was important that the food they eat when dining out is ethically sourced and sustainable. Less than half (44%) however, could define what sustainable dining actually was. The 2017 Sustainable Dining research, commissioned by OpenTable, was conducted in March 2017 by Galaxy Research. A sample size of 1,014 respondents were surveyed across Australia in both capital city and non-capital city areas.

The results were overwhelming and suggest that the preference to dine sustainably is continuing to gain significant momentum. Not surprisingly, it’s the younger generation who are driving this trend. 76% of young Australians between 18 and 24 years old state that sustainable and ethically-sourced foods are important to their overall dining experience. Being served local and organic produce that has minimal environmental impact is increasingly becoming a priority. More than half (56%) of diners surveyed also said that the the use of in-season produce from local suppliers was important when choosing somewhere to eat.

Research from the OpenTable report shows that 40% of diners believed that taking active measures to use sustainably-sourced ingredients was important. The Charming Squire is committed to supporting local farmers who operate sustainable farms throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. This is one of the key reasons why our Executive Chef Deniz Coskun and Executive Sous Chef Nick Baker craft seasonal menus that are based around a plethora of local produce. The duo have always believed that sustainable dining is the way of the future and they are not alone. 31% of diners surveyed in the OpenTable report said that resonated with them and influenced their choice of restaurant.

Deniz visits local Brisbane markets every week to source fresh fruit and vegetables, and the herbs used in our dishes are grown at The Charming Squire’s own farm in Pullenvale. Looking for ethically sourced meat? No worries. The Charming Squire uses its own herd of cattle from Terranora which are only grass fed, Riverine Beef where the carefully selected prime quality cattle are raised in open pastures in the Riverine Region of Australia and various other green and sustainable producers. Those delicious poached eggs you see on the Brewer’s Pantry menu are sourced from our friends at 9Dorf, a 4th generation family owned farm in the Lockyer Valley. The Charming Squire also sources its pork from two free-range farms, however the large Berkshires that provide the pork for the iron coal pit come from Rocky Creek Farm in southern Darling Downs.

Growing our own produce has been an important part of The Charming Squire’s Paddock to Plate ethos since the venue was established in 2014. The Charming Squire is proud to maintain strong partnerships with some of the best farms on the east coast of Australia who produce environmentally friendly, stress free and ethical produce.